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Available Forms for Download

Forms presently used by the Embassy for consular and other services are made available here as PDF files that you can download for your convenience. These PDF files are also "fillable", that is to say that once you have downloaded the form, you can complete the required information on your computer and print it out for submission.

Although you may be able to save (depending on your PDF reader) the completed form on your computer , you still need to print out a hard copy because the Embassy does not yet recognize digital signatures and requires that you affix your actual signature by hand on the hard copy itself.

Citizen Registration

The Department of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy encourages all Filipino citizens who intend to travel to or reside in Jordan or the Palestinian Territories for more than one (1) month to personally register at the Consular Section. Those who permanently reside (e.g. by reason of marriage) within the Embassy's jurisdiction and who continue to hold Philippine passports are likewise urged to register. The Embassy, in coordination with relevant Jordanian and Palestinian authorities, also wishes to encourage employers of Filipino citizens to allow them to register with the Embassy.

Benefits and Advantages of Citizen Registration

Filipinos abroad are strongly encouraged to register themselves with the Embassy that has jurisdiction over them so that they could provide relevant information for the Embassy's reference during an emergency or critical situation. The information that you provide when your register will ensure that the Embassy would be able to contact or locate you with the least delay during an emergency when timely and urgent action is needed. Your voluntary registration would allow the Embassy to:

  • locate your whereabouts when there is a family emergency back in the Philippines;

  • notify you of important safety and security alerts in country or around the region;

  • facilitate communication during times of emergency and/or uncertainty (e.g. civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, armed conflict, etc.);

  • determine your whereabouts and welfare in the event you need consular assistance;

  • provide an Embassy identification card (if requested) for use as an additional or alternative form of identification;

  • determine more precisely the number of Filipino citizens under the Embassy's jurisdiction 

Applicable Fees

  • Citizen Registration is FREE, please register personally at the Consular Section of the Embassy. 

Form to Use




  • Personal submission of required information using this form or completed Citizen Registration Form (which could be downloaded above or obtained from the Consular Section);

  • If you wish to have an Embassy ID issued for you as an additional or alternative form of identification, you need to submit two (2) 3.5cm x 4.5cm passport photos to be submitted when applying in person 

  • Proof of identification (i.e. passport, iqama, previous Embassy ID, Postal ID, Voters ID)

Purpose and Use of Information

The primary purpose and use of the information provided under the citizen registration process is to allow immediate communication and coordination with Filipino nationals in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, or crisis situation that may require urgent action or even evacuation. The information may also be used when a request is made by a family member in the Philippines for the Embassy to locate a registered Filipino citizen due to an emergency back home.

The information provided during the citizen registration process may also be made available to:

  • concerned authorities (including national, provincial, local, or foreign) with which the Embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs may need to coordinate to effectively provide emergency assistance to registered Filipino citizens;

  • private Filipino citizens designated by the Embassy as community emergency coordinators and who assist the Embassy in disseminating emergency alerts to the Filipino community in general