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The 9(a) visa covers temporary visitors who intend to travel to the Philippines for tourism, business, or medical purposes. It also covers those who intend to visit family or friends in the Philippines.


  1. Passport of visa applicant must be valid for at least six (6) months after the applicant's expected stay in the Philippines;
  2. Two (2) photocopies of passport, including the passport details page and all pages stamped by immigration authorities of countries already visited;
  3. Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form (FA Form No. 2A), duly accomplished and signed by applicant, plus one (1) photocopy of completed form;
  4. Two (2) colored 3.5cm x 4.5cm passport photos with plain background;
  5. Copy of flight details/itinerary as provided by airline or travel agency and indicating applicant's destination after visit to the Philippines;
  6. Round trip/return ticket to be presented when claiming the visa;
  7. Proof of Financial Capacity
  • Bank account statement in the applicant's name covering the last six (6) months or other proof of financial capacityto travel, such as:
  • Employment certificate stating that visa applicant (a) is a bona fide employee of the company (specify date when first employed and designation); (b) earns a specified monthly salary; and (c) is authorized by the company to travel to the Philippines (specify whether work-related or personal/leisure);
  • Copy of business or company registration issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (showing that visa applicant is one of the owners/investors); or
  • Copy of business license issued by the relevant authority and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (showing that visa applicant is the owner/general manager; and

      8.  Other documents as may be required by the Head of the Consular Section.

Special Cases

If assigned to travel by Company/Organization for business purposes:

Requirement to present bank account statement may be waived provided visa applicant presents an Employment Certificate that explicitly states, aside from what is specified in item 7 above:

  • the business purpose (e.g. contract negotiations, business meetings) for which the employee is being sent to the Philippines;
  • the expected length of stay in the Philippines, indicating the total number of days and inclusive dates (e.g. 15 days from 1-15 January 2010);
  • the contact information of the counterpart company/organization or other business partner in the Philippines; and that
  • all travel-related expenses will be fully covered by the visa applicant's company/organization

If participating in a conference, training, exhibition, or other organized event:

Requirement to present a bank account statement may be waived provided visa applicant presents:

  • Letter of Invitation from the Philippine organizers stating purpose of the event, and indicating their complete address and contact details; with a copy of the
  • Administrative arrangements for the event, including such information as the event venue, hotel/s where participants will stay, program of activities, etc.; and
  • Certification from the visa applicant's company/organization stating that he or she is authorized to travel to the Philippines to attend the scheduled event and that the company/organization will cover all travel-related expenses of the visa applicant.

For labor recruiters or prospective employers of Filipino workers:

A visa applicant who intends to travel to the Philippines for the purpose of recruiting Filipino workers shall also need to present:

  • Letter of Request from the principal/prospective employer stating details of the visa applicant (e.g. complete name, rank or position in the company) and the reason for traveling to the Philippines, i.e. to recruit Filipino workers for employment abroad;
  • Photocopy of the Special Power of Attorney verified by the Labor Attaché;
  • Photocopy of Demand Letter / Job Order stating the number of workers to be hired, their positions, and respective monthly salaries, also verified by the Labor Attaché; and
  • Certification by Labor Attaché that the company has a verified need to employ Filipino workers, is duly licensed and financially sound, is authorized by relevant government agencies to employ Filipino workers for the specific jobs indicated in demand letter/job order, and that the principal/prospective employer has engaged a licensed Philippine-based recruitment agency.

For unaccompanied minor child below fifteen (15) years old:

A minor child below fifteen (15) years old who is holding a foreign passport and is traveling to the Philippines unaccompanied by or not joining a parent in the Philippines must apply for a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) at the Consular Section along with the visa application. Application for the WEG requires the submission of the following documents:

  • Affidavit of consent of either parent naming the person who will accompany the child and with whom the child will reside in the Philippines which must be legalized by the Consular Officer;
  • Photocopy of the passport details page of the child;
  • Photocopy of the passport details page of the accompanying adult
  • Payment of the WEG fee per child (PHP 3,120.00 or  USD 67.00) to the Bureau of Immigration at the port of entry

For journalists, media, cinema, and television professionals:

  • Journalists and broadcast media professionals may visit the Philippines in pursuit of their profession under a temporary visitor's visa but with specific requirements other than those presented above
  • Foreign cinema and television professionals who intend to shoot on location in the Philippines for a specific period of time, may also enter under a temporary visitor's visa but subject to other specific requirements