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As with any other country in the world with a significant population of overseas Filipinos, a healthy number of Filipino organizations in Jordan have brought together, despite the diversity and multiplicity of their backgrounds, individuals who have found a common cause or shared passion. There are at present 21 organizations with their own sets of officers and with memberships that run from a dozen to a couple of hundred. Recognizing the strength that comes from unity, these different organizations came together and established the Federation of Filipino Organizations in Jordan (FilOrg-Jordan), which in the last couple of years has served as the representation of the Filipino community in Jordan.Filipino Organizationjul122016

Incumbent Officers of FilOrg-Jordan (2010-2012)

  • Evangeline V. Ybo, President
  • Zhazha IbarraVice President
  • Jo Sanchez, Secretary
  • Jojit Dumaguing, Treasurer
  • Ramon Tumapon, Auditor
  • Luciana Obejas, Public Relations Officer
  • Jeffrey Cortez, Program Coordinator
  • Isaac CamonPeacekeeper
  • Jovita Gomez , Medic

Member Organizations

The Federation of Filipino Organizations in Jordan (FilOrg-Jordan) consists of 18 member organizations as listed below. If you head or a member of a new Filipino community organization and would like to become an accredited member of FilOrg-Jordan, please contact Jo Sanchez.