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The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Amman is responsible for the following programs and services:


Job Search Assistance Services for Wage Employment

  1. Verification and evaluation of employment documents
  2. Identification of opportunities and creating market access
  3. Conduct of marketing visits with potential employers

Services to Safeguard Fair and Just Terms and Conditions of Employment

  1. Job site inspection and visitation
  2. Education and awareness campaigns (e.g. post-arrival orientation seminar)
  3. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for vacationing workers

Social Protection and Welfare Services

  1. Voluntary OWWA membership program
  2. Repatriation program and airport assistance
  3. Management of Filipino Workers Resource Center and shelter facility for distressed OFWs
  4. Counseling Services including 24-hour access to POLO and OWWA
  5. Mediation and conciliation to resolve labor and welfare cases
  6. Visits with Amman PE CMT to detained OFWs
  7. Hospital visitation to ascertain medical needs of confined OFWs
  8. Assistance in medical repatriation cases

Reintegration Preparedness Programs

  1. Business counseling
  2. Capacity-building for self-employment

Networking and Linkages Program

  1. Host government authorities
  2. Filipino community associations
  3. Non-government organizations