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The Amman PE Case Management Team (or Amman PE CMT) refers to the combined inter-agency country-team effort to effectively handle all cases involving distressed Filipino nationals within the consular jurisdiction of the Embassy. As its name implies, the Amman PE CMT, which is jointly supervised by the Head of the ATN Section and the Labor Attaché, intends to use a team-based case management approach in the intake, assessment, coordination, resolution, and closure of individual cases where the assistance of the Embassy is required.

If you want to bring any case to the attention of the Amman PE CMT, please use the form below and provide as much detail as you know.

Kung may kaso kayo na ibig iparating sa Amman PE CMT, mangyaring po lamang na gamitin ang porma sa ibaba upang ibigay ang nalalamang detalye hinggil sa kaso.