With 7,107 islands, the Philippines simply has a Wealth of Wonders waiting for you to discover. From breathtaking bays with sparkling white sand beaches, to towering mountains capped by cool cloud forests, and a vast undersea world teeming with biodiversity, you are simply spoiled for choice when you make the Philippines your travel destination. And we have not yet even taken into account the wonderfully hospitable, warm, and friendly Filipino people!
The Philippines - an extraordinary archipelago of delightful discoveries that offer you a fascinating mix of culture, adventure, and nature. 
To the oblivious traveler, the Philippines is a gem waiting to be discovered. To those who have been there, the Philippines is a treasure trove to return to every chance you get because you simply cannot have enough of 7,107 gems. 
Excited already? If you need more information on travel and tourism opportunities in the Philippines, call the Embassy on +962.6.592.3748 and ask for Ms. Princess Sharon Rose P. Sorilla (Cultural Officer).