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Total Philippine-Jordanian Trade Volume

A review of Philippine-Jordanian bilateral trade over the five-year period from 2004 to 2008 makes evident the untapped trade potential that both sides could exploit once greater awareness of the myriad trade opportunities available is developed. The trade volume, as shown in the chart and table below, is miniscule compared to the levels that it could reach with enhanced familiarity of the economic potential that Philippine and Jordanian business groups could optimize. A major clue to the disconnect between the current trade relationship and its underlying potential is the fact that Jordan, which is not endowed with natural resources, had a favorable trade volume against the Philippines, which ought to have played the natural role of supplier to the Jordanian market.



Philippine Exports to Jordan compared to other Middle East Countries


Philippine Imports from Jordan compared to other Middle East Countries


All figures in tables and charts above according to FOB value in USD thousands. Click on images to see larger version on screen.

Top Philippine Exports to Jordan

Trade data from 2006 reveal that the substantial part of Philippine exports to Jordan are accounted by:

  • Exports of Consumer Manufactures accounted for US$ 755,951 (33.90%)
    • Other Consumer Manufactures: including paper and other paper products, and cosmetics and personal care products, accounted for US$ 413,437 (18.13%);
    • Furniture: including wood, metal, and rattan furniture, accounted for US$ 122,657 (5.38%);
    • Houseware: including rugs and carpets, artificial trees and flowers, and basketwork/wickerwork accounted for US$ 67,422 (2.96%);
    • Fashion Accessories: including leather handbags and belts, and other fashion accessories, accounted for US$ 40,752 (1.79%)
  • Exports of Food and Food Preparations accounted for US$ 591,942 (25.96%)
    • Processed Foods: including nuts and coconut products (processed), and processed fruits, accounted for US$ 590,471 (25.90%)
  • Exports of Industrial Manufactures accounted for US$ 900,239 (39.48%)
    • Electronics: with electronic data processing accounting for US$ 45,796 (2.01%)
    • Construction Materials: including metal-based construction materials, accounted for US$ 165,700 (7.27%)
    • Other Industrial Manufactures: accounted for US$ 633,995 (27.81%)

    Opportunities for Trade Expansion

One strategy that heightens synergy between the Philippines and Jordan, expands opportunities for trade, and plays to the strengths of both countries is to leverage the strategic location and dynamic potential of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone as a springboard and regional trading hub. Philippine exporters could partner with Jordanian trading companies and use Aqaba as a logistics center for goods that could then be distributed to the surrounding markets of Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Alternatively, Philippine-Jordanian joint ventures could be established to use Aqaba as a manufacturing base for goods destined for the regional market.

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Data from the National Statistical Coordination Board