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Documentary Requirements for Vacationing OFWs


OFWs who are going to spend their vacation in the Philippines with the intention of returning to a country where there are labor market restrictions being enforced must make sure to comply with the following documentary requirements to secure a special travel permit from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) as a returning OFW (balik-manggagawa) to avoid complications upon departure from the Philippines at the end of their leave:

  1. Letter addressed to the POEA Administrator
  2. Original valid Philippine passport
  3. Valid re-entry visa
  4. Valid residence permit
  5. Work contract and employment certificate
  6. Previous records from POEA (Records Division, 6th Floor)
  7. Completed OFW Information Sheet
  8. Request for Clearance Form
  9. Proof of Arrival/Exit from Job Site
  10. Other documents that may be required on a case to case basis

These documentary requirements are to be presented to the Balik-Manggagawa Processing Division at the basement of the POEA Building on Ortigas Avenue by OFWs who failed to secure their Balik-Manggagawa/OECs from POLO-Amman prior to going home for their vacation leave.

For further information and clarification, you may call up POLO-Amman at:

  • +962 6 535 0293 or
  • +962 6 535 0169